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Australian business and finance related websites and business.

Australian business and finance related websites and businesses. Business to business service and supplies. Professional and consulting, banking and investment.


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Polycom offers simple and affordable video conferencing solutions for your organization's video conference calls.

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How to plan for an online advertising in Melbourne?

Advertising is a basic step for promoting and maintaining a business. It is very important for running a successful business. Advertising is at times very expensive but it is necessary for the development of a business.

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Benefits of Steel Roofing in Brisbane

Homeowners in Brisbane have always been suing tiled roofing companies, because that was the only option available to them.

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Sales Training Key to a Bright Career

If you are looking for a career option that does not lose its importance with the recession, get into sales. Every business big or small, national or international, with product or service base always requires good sales persons.

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Reasons to Work At Home Business In Australia

Business on the internet with something like Work At Home Business In Australia is very cheap as compare to a traditional brick and mortar shop front.

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High Pressure Cleaning Advice

There are various models and makes of high pressure cleaners, ranging from domestic to commercial. The rate of output pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

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Would you like to improve the chance of selling your home?

It is critical to ensure that the exterior of your home is in immaculate condition. As this is this the first thing a buyer will see a considering buying your property.

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Do You Have To Be Crazy To Achieve Success?

Australian entrepreneur leaves telecoms legacy

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Australians Achieve Success with Video Games

App store sales sparks games gold rush in Australia

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Young Entrepreneurs Making the Most of Social Media

Technology start-ups dominate the Businessweek Young Entrepreneur list

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Australian Business Entrepreneurs Inspired by iphone App Store

The mobile market is growing at an exponential rate thanks to savvy developers.

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Small Businesses Expand in Recession

An entrepreneurs success will depend on his or her's attitude about adjusting with the times, staying focused and concentrating on their core business and client base.

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Managing Risk In Property Development

Whether we realise it or not, managing risk is something we all deal with everyday. For example, the simple process of crossing a street involves a certain degree of risk which we manage without even blinking an eyelid. Imagine for a moment crossing a busy street without looking left and right, without gauging the direction and speed of traffic, and without gauging the distance of the street we are crossing. Thankfully most of us are very good at managing these everyday risks effectively.

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Property Buyer Tips - Pay For Good Independent Advice

Recent media attention has highlighted the dire situation of 'mum and dad' investors who have lost life savings through failed investment schemes and also of numerous professional investors and lending organisations (including finance companies, mortgage trusts and high net worth individuals) burdened with toxic debt and other problems. The Bernard Madoff scandal in the Unites States and the (perversely named) 'Blue Chip Investments' fiasco in New Zealand epitomize for me the Jekyll and Hyde personality of so many investors.

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Subdividing Land - How To Unlock The Profit In A Large Block

Subdiving land can be a profitable investment strategy. Unlike buying run down homes that need a lot of manual labor, subdividing a block is a lot quicker and simpler providing you do your due diligence before you buy. In fact the profits are made when you buy, not when you sell.

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Land Subdivision - $1.2 Billion Dollar Developer Tells You How To Do I

Land subdivision is a bit like helping Mom slice up her beautiful Apple Pie; it’s all so easy, when, like Mom, you’ve done it a few times. So let’s see if we can get the ingredients for a land subdivision correct so you can do it right first time, OK?

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Town Planning - Efficient Planning Consultancy

Town Planning is about how we plan for, and make decisions about, the future of our cities, towns and countryside. Over the centuries, a formal way of making these decisions was set up. Your planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development - anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre.

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