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Effective Logo Designs

Date Added: October 03, 2011 01:29:28 PM
Author: mKatinaEatoni
Category: Education: Primary school
A logo does not sell directly, it identifies. From his statement, we can derive that a logo serves as a signature it is something people can distinctly identify as a symbol of a business or brand. In Web sites, a logo serves the same purpose. With thousands of sites in each niche, a unique and distinctive logo can help one site stand out from the rest. But what exactly makes a logo unforgettable? Here is a list of qualities that makes for an effective logo design for a Web site. Simple Simplicity makes a logo easy to recognize and remember. A perfect example of a simple logo is Nike’s. This check mark is forever associated with the brand, just because it is incredibly memorable and effective in conveying the message of the company. When designing your logo, keep graphic details at the minimum; avoid using intricate niceties that won’t get noticed. Create a bold and simple logo that will leave a mark in a visitor’s mind. Timeless Trends are only for fashion. When creating a logo for a Web site, you should ask yourself whether or not the design can still embody the message of the site a few years down the line. A logo that stands the test of time should maintain its level of effectiveness. Don’t jump into the band wagon. With uniqueness, longevity can be achieved. Appropriate When designing a Web site’s logo, consider the target audience. A targeted logo is appropriate for its intended audience. Blend the characteristics of the target market with the design concept. For example, a strong, dark and bold font and color scheme is perfect for the male demographic, but not so much for women. Original You would want the logo of your Web site to be distinguished from its competitors, not the other way around. The best way to ensure this is to come up with an original concept. While it’s alright to scan other logos for inspiration, make sure that the design is still original. You should be able to trademark the logo and claim the design as intellectual property as well. Embodies the websites identity How often do you find yourself deciphering a logo’s concept? A logo that raises questions, not ideas, is a sure sign that not much thought was put into it. A logo design must complement what the Web site has to offer, which includes the content and layout. It should express what the site is all about at first glance.

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