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How to notice Scams, Forgeries, and Frauds while buying Sports Memorabilia

Date Added: April 08, 2011 12:17:58 PM
Author: Amy Jones
Category: Sports
Hopefully you have brought your sports memorabiliafrom a legitimate sports memorabilia stores. The legitimatesportsmemorabilia companies sign exquisite contracts and documents with sportspeopleto prove its authenticity. But what if you find a lady in the street market offering you an old photo signed by Sugar Ray Leonard? Is she selling a real one or faking it? Here you will read some interesting tips on how to recognize the real sports memorabilia and memorabilia framing. Beware of the Autopen. Autopen, a machine brand, makes use of a patterned matrix program that produces a real sample signature to mechanically sign thousands of items. It is usually utilized for glossy publicity letters of photos and is compatible with all kinds of pen. Some of the athletes will switch pens mid way through the run to give a unique signature. Look at the letter with detail. If the autograph that you have received on the photo looks wobbly as if the surface was vibrating, then the autograph is made using an autopen. The machine starts off and stops unevenly. You can try your signature to see how it trails off. These machines end in dots of break off in the end as if the pen was stopped or abruptly lifted off the page. No two autographs will appear same. There are very less chances that you will get to compare, but if you see two Jordan’s sports framing standing with exactly same signature on both then chances are that both are not official memorabilia. Crude Rubber Stamps They are generally easy to notice. Rubber stamps are fairly obsolete nowadays, but were dispersed throughout the decade of 1970. Search for clots or pooled ink. In addition, bleeding and staining occurs frequently occurs particularly if it was stamped in a hurry. Preprints Preprints are not difficult to catch. Ask the dealer to hold the item to light and allow you to see it thoroughly."Preprint" is a fancy synonym of "colour copy". The autograph would be flat, and will look as a "part" of the image, rather than layered on top of it. If it is a bright picture, the signature would be layered under the gloss and not over it. Preprints are becoming more sophisticated, so look out for them. Outright forgeries Outright forgeries can be hard to detect. It takes years for one to become an expert on judging the originality of an athlete’s signature. Before you pay a significant price on an undocumented signature, it is always essential that you check for its authenticity. No one will sign the same way all the time, but yes it will be relatively consistent. Therefore look out the way your favourite sports star signs before you end up buying a forged sports memorabilia. Mr Martins is a professional writer who has been writing articles on various topics from several years. In this article he tells you how you can buy original sports memorabilia and avoid spams and frauds Amy Jones writes mostly on sports related topics including sports memorabilia, AFL memorabilia.

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