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Let Naturopathy take its own course

Date Added: July 27, 2011 02:48:27 AM
Author: sunder
Category: Health and beauty: Fitness
Naturopathy is a practice by which the body is treated with natural substance and is allowed to heal in its natural form. Naturopathic medicines are called “herbalism” by the English, in India it is used in the form of Siddha, Unani or Yoga. The Chinese use ancient Chinese medicines and the Japanese use Shiatsu as a form of alternative therapy. The University of Rome recognizes 135 forms of alternative therapies. Naturopathic medicines have been followed since the ancient ages. When man would dig roots or leaves of certain medicinal plants and apply them to the heal wounds or treat diseases. It is believed that Hippocrates also famously known as the father of medicine also advocated for naturopathy. Benedict Lust is called the father of US naturopathy. The need for alternative medicine arrived when people did not find their answers in Allopath. The great amounts of abuse of allopathic drugs in the market and tampered medicine being sold in the open market which have made the people turn towards naturopathic medicines. Naturopathy or alternative medicine is practiced in many forms. Acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Magneto therapy, hypnotherapy, gem therapy and ancient Chinese medicine are some of the alternative treatments used in treating the mind and body. In acupressure it is believed that the body is divided into many pressure points. Every time pressure is applied to these points it relieves tension from that area and is extremely helpful in relieving aches, menstrual cramps. In Acupuncture the alternative therapist applies needles to stimulate and regulate the flow of energy at specific points. Aromatherapy is a very popular among female clients. The essential oils which are extracted from plants are used for relieving stress and pain in joints. While one is asked to inhale the aroma of these essential oils for anti stress treatment. For joint pains one is advised to massage the particular area with oil. Lavender essential oil is good for stress relieving and is also antibacterial in nature. Another form of alternative therapy called the Magnet therapy where magnets are used to treat diseases in human body. Healing through hypnosis is another form of therapy which is given when treating phobias and excess stress. The hypnotist goes into the subconscious mind of the patient. The mind holds past memories, emotions or any past event which is affecting the behavior of the patient is dealt through hypnotherapy. Ancient Chinese medicine is form of naturopathic medicine which is a confluence of herbal medicine, heat therapy, acupuncture and massage. It is known to treat even chronic illnesses. Another popular therapy that has found modern followers is called Reiki. It is an ancient Tibetan technique where a hand is placed over the patient and healing energies are channeled into the body of the patient. This technique is found helpful in relieving stress and gaining spiritual clarity. A typical consultation with an alternative therapist would begin with a lengthy conversation over the lifestyle of the patient. The alternative therapist would study your physical features and ask for any past medical history. A naturopath after diagnosing a treatment will prescribe certain drugs or portions which are made of natural substances like plant matter or stones. The aim of a naturopath is not only to treat the specific illness but a holistic wellness of the body and mind. In 1969 Yoga and naturopathy, Unani and Siddha became autonomous departments under the Ministry of health and Family Welfare, Government of India. In Pune in 1986 The National Institute of Naturopathy was established. As more people are being healed through naturopathy medicines, Naturopathy is to stay for a long time.

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