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Power Boat Advantages - Reasons You Must Buy One

Date Added: December 11, 2009 09:15:35 PM
Author: Narelle
Category: Transport: Marine

Not everyone wants to head out to sea to relax and lie around. Some people wish to feel the thrill of the waves and know what it feels like to jet across the water without a care in the world. Others simply find sailboats too complicated and exhausting to use. For both of these kinds of people, their answer to fun on the sea is a powerboat.

Put simply, a powerboat is a motorized watercraft. While some do come with sails, it's the motor, which provides the primary thrust and joy of a powerboat. With its powerful engine, powerboats can leap over the waves and have you traveling from the cottage to the other end of the lake within minutes.

Powerboats are also known as motorboats and are generally divided into different categories based on their hull, engine or purpose. There are three basic hull models: round, flat and v-bottomed. Round hulls or displacement hulls are made to ensure the least friction. These are also the largest in size and offer the most comfortable ride. Due to its shape they also posses the most amount of interior space and often come outfitted with cabins or storage rooms, making the hull shaped motorboat perfect for overnight or long distance sea voyages. While more expensive than other options, the round shaped hull is very versatile and can be customized to perfectly suit the customer's needs.

The flat or semi-displacement models are considered to be the cruisers of the powerboat category. The earliest forms of powerboats were flat hulls, generally sailing-rowing dories that were modified and outfitted with more powerful motor engines. These are often used as fishing boats or cruisers and are the most economical powerboats available. The shape though has its dangers, as under rough conditions the hull can take serious damage, and it is often recommended to only drive these boats in sheltered water. With the addition of a deep forefoot though, the pounding can be reduced and flat-sharpie hulls often come with cabins that are quite comfortable even in choppy waters.

Finally the v-bottomed, dead rise or planning hull are the fastest powerboats around. Many people believe that this is the true purpose of a powerboat, to rip through the open ocean at high speeds and leap over waves. While the pounding can be quite a bit, a deep V-bow can reduce the effects. The Deep V-hulls are what powerboats are all about. These are the ones your likely to see zipping through the waters, in fact these boats are often tipsy at lower speeds and gain stability the faster they go.

The bottom line is that powerboats are extremely versatile. They come in all sizes and can be used for all different things. As simple pleasure boats for moving quickly from one place to another, or as pure fishing boats, performance types for those looking for the speed thrill, or even the models with the cabins for a romantic overnight stay out at sea. Ranging from tiny jet boats to large luxurious houseboats, powerboats come in many different shapes and sizes and all are equally enjoyable.

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