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Soundproof Doors Are Key To Reduction Of Noise Leakage

Date Added: December 29, 2010 02:12:26 AM
Author: Peter Ford
Category: Business and finance: Industry and Construction
Acoustic noise control is all about the prevention of sound being able to travel from its source to other areas and sound, like water, can “squeeze” itself through the tiniest of spaces imaginable. It is imperative therefore, that wherever soundproofing measures are being taken, attention is paid to eliminating these “squeeze” holes. One area commonly found to be the cause of noise leakage is the doorway. Poorly fitting, or poorly fabricated soundproof doors will allow sound to leak out of an acoustic enclosure. No matter how effective the soundproof enclosure is, if the door is not adequately soundproof you will find noise spillage. You will be surprised how much noise will escape through something as small as a key hole, or around the perimeter of the doorway between the actual door and the frame. For a number of noise control enclosures, a soundproofing door constructed from strong sheet metal, fitted with the correct seals and mounted within rigid frames will be appropriate. Door equipment such as peep-holes, panic bars, locks, and closures can be fitted, using materials and seals that will ensure once again that there is no noise leakage through areas surrounding these fittings. An added advantage gained by the installation of this type of door, is that it also provides protection against cold or hot air leakage, as well as being able to be constructed to standards rated as being fireproof. Metal soundproof doors are ideal in industrial settings, where a complete noise control solution is required on plant rooms, soundproof enclosures, and other areas of intensive use. Heavy metal doors are not appropriate in all settings, where for example access is required by a forklift or pump truck in a warehouse. For situations like this, soundproof doors can be fabricated from PVC. Whilst PVC does not totally eliminate noise passing from one area to another, it is very effective in reducing the level, as well as providing protection from things such as dust and the weather. To allow a forklift, other type of vehicle, or even people to move easily through this type of aperture, a swinging soundproof PVC door can be installed. Made from high grade material this type of noise control application is able to endure harsh conditions, be opened and closed easily without huge amounts of effort and if necessary, be fabricated in a transparent PVC to allow natural light and two way visibility. Doors constructed from PVC are extremely successful in many settings such as warehouse doorways, vehicle wash bays, entrances to grinding and welding bays, cold storage areas and many other applications. Similar soundproofing doors can be constructed from PVC strips, once again allowing flexibility as well as an element of noise control. When considering noise control and the solutions available, it is advisable to hire the services of an acoustic control expert. These specialists are able to undertake full assessments of each individual situation, recommend solutions and in many cases manufacture and install the noise control enclosures, soundproof doors, acoustic foams, dampers or any of the many other solutions available. Author Bio: Flexshield is a leading manufacturer of soundproof doors and noise control products in Australia. Check out the range of soundproofing solutions on their site.

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