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The Demand is still strong for Portable DVD Players in Australia

Date Added: October 31, 2011 04:40:01 AM
Author: angel
Category: Business and finance
People are still browsing around for portable DVD players in Australia. To meet the continuous demand, there is a definite need to market these portable DVD players. One of the best sources to look around for portable DVD players is D-Logik Pty. Ltd. in Sydney. D-Logik Pty Ltd. is the best medium in Australia to market portable DVD players. They are renowned for offering the latest technology to the customers at economical prices. They work directly with manufacturing plants by chopping off the middle people effectively and passing down the benefits directly to the end customer. The agent, importer, wholesaler, and the retailer price add-ons are eliminated. D-Logik is also available through LinkedIn where they offer customer service, business deals, new ventures, expertise requests, reference requests, consulting offers, job inquiries and career opportunities. Before we talk of DVD portable players available in Australia, let us look at the range on offer. a. Toshiba SDP 71 S – This is a solid portable DVD player. It has a seven inch screen and comes with a car charger. If you don’t require an extra large screen with lot of treble and bass, this is ideal at $76. b. Toshiba SDP 93 S – You can catch up on movies with this that you have been waiting to watch even when you are far away from home. This has a diagonal nine inch widescreen and combines features of style and portability. It is available for $77. c. Sony DVP FX 730 – You can remain entertained on a very long flight with this compact portable DVD player. It has a seven inch screen and long battery life. You can enjoy the movies in Sony clarity. It has two built-in headphone jacks to share the fun with a friend. It is available for $87. d. Sony DVP FX 930 – You can see sharp images with high resolution on this portable DVD player. It has a nine inch diagonal screen and six hours of battery life. The touch screen keys are convenient. It is available for $120. e. Panasonic DVD LS 83 – It has a large 8.5 inch widescreen display. It pivots for free style viewing and you can adjust the position for optimum comfort and quality of the image. It is available for $ 100. f. Panasonic DVD LS 86 – It has a large 8.5 inch widescreen display where you can get good images even while watching movies on a dimly lit airplane or when you are relaxing in the sun at a resort or an outdoor spot. This versatile player can back many different types of pre-recorded DVDs. It is available for $ 136. g. GPX PDL 805 – This is GPX’s one of the most comprehensive products on offer. It has an 8.5 inch TFT LCD widescreen with anti-reflection capability and NTSC/PAL compatibility. Why is there a need for marketing portable DVD players in Australia? People want the freedom to be able to watch their favourite programs or films on a DVD player whenever and wherever. We are past those days now when we wanted to take our family and friends to the cinema to watch our favourite film and spend many hours eating popcorn and other snacks at the theater. The home theater and the portable DVD players have revolutionised film watching nowadays. They have given us the freedom to watch our favourite films at our leisure within the comfort of our living rooms or even when we are out on picnic.

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