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Tips to Buy a Baby Pram

Date Added: September 02, 2011 06:56:55 PM
Author: Narelle
Category: Shopping: Kids

A baby pram is an important item, given that your kid is going to spend a lot of time in it. Whether you want to watch a movie together, go for shopping in a mall or across the street, a baby pram is the most convenient way of carrying your kid around. However, it is not advisable to blindly pick any pram. It deserves some thought and due consideration before you shell out the cash to bring the pram home. The first things that you need to check are the minor details of it. The nuts, the screws and the fixes are the things that could prove dangerous on a road or near the stairs. A baby pram which can be folded with one hand would be invaluable, especially when only one parent is out with the kid. Adjustable handles would be very useful for making it easy for you to pull out your child or settle him in the pram.

There are certain accessories which are imperative for a baby pram. These are the cup holder, the tray and the canopy. Cup holder is useful to place the baby's milk cup while you are walking around the garden with the pram. The detachable tray will come very handy when you want to feed your kid. Canopy is easily the most important component of a baby pram. It protects the kid from sunlight and also from the drizzle if you are caught outside. Children are highly sensitive to the sun and rain and hence a canopy is indispensable. While purchasing a pram, it is good to buy something with a storage space to hold the baby's picture books or other such things.

If your budget allows it, it would be advisable to go for an all-terrain baby pram. These prams are ideal even on the road, gravel and lawns. These prams come with heavy duty suspension to prevent impacts from reaching the baby and air-filled tires. It might be a good thing to buy a pram which fits inside the car, so that the baby can fall asleep in it while you are driving. Apart from the safety and convenience, you will also need to check the operation of the pram. Since you might have to open and close it a lot of times, it would be a good idea to test it in the store and check how smoothly the function is carried out. The last thing you want is a baby pram which squeaks alarmingly. Some people go for advanced prams with a recliner. In fact, you can even purchase the one that accommodates two kids, each with his or her own recliner.

The design of the pram is extremely important. This includes seat belts, canopy, foot rests, baskets for storage, wheels, support mechanism, suspension etc. You must check its maneuverability which is quite critical to a pram. A baby pram could be very comfortable but if it is too wide and unwieldy it becomes unsafe. Moreover, it might prove difficult for you to control especially in crowded malls, escalators which you cannot avoid, narrow store alleys etc. You should be able to comfortably and smoothly steer the pram around without any issues. The last thing to consider is if you need a lightweight pram or a jogging pram. The baby should have plenty of back support though. A travel system with an infant seat could be an innovative solution too.

For more tips on baby prams or baby strollers, visit the Baby Prams site or follow this link.

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