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Top Tips on Blinds and Shades

Date Added: September 02, 2011 04:36:20 PM
Author: Narelle
Category: Home and garden

Blinds and shades play significant roles for homes and offices. They mainly provide protection from the glaring daylight; consequently, they can help insulate the room from the high outside temperature. Aside from that, they also provide utmost privacy for the room occupants. Beautification is another awesome benefit that shades and blinds can offer. Therefore, when choosing for the ideal window shades and window blinds for your office or home, you must also consider the design aspect of the product aside from price and quality.

Bear in mind that there are several different types of blinds and shades to choose from according to style and materials used. Some of the popular types of blinds include slat blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, solid blinds, wood blinds, cellular blinds, custom blinds, and Holland blinds.

Likewise, window shades also have various types like cellular shades, roller shades, honeycomb shades, pleated shades, and Roman shades. Therefore, the abundant different types of windows blinds and shades give you more freedom on your choices, making it easier to find a perfect match to the place and areas where you are planning to install them.

One of the most common blinds for windows is the Venetian blinds. They are usually made of wood, light metal, and plastic. Its standard width is around 50 millimetres; although other Venetian blinds have width of 120 mm.

Slat blinds are also common in homes and commercial buildings. They usually have horizontal slats made of metal or vinyl. Slat movements are controlled by a string that is attached to it to provide choices for its direction. This allows the user to completely enclose the building by closing the slats. On the other hand, opening the slats also allows sunlight to come in, thereby brightening the room. In order to completely open the window and free it from blinds, then slat blinds can be totally folded by pulling the strings down in order to retract the blinds upward.

Wood blinds is another type that is perfect for country-themed homes. Some of them are made of decorative bamboo to create natural ambiance to the room. Some wood blinds are also composed of woven materials along with decorative yarn. Wood is a great insulator. Thus, they are best in cooling down the room temperature even during broad daylight.

Pleated shades is one of the unique types of windows shades and blinds. They are generally made of fabric materials with provision to completely roll the shades up. The fabric materials can have various designs to add beauty to the room. Hence, this is best for beautification purposes on top of insulating the room and protecting it from direct sunlight exposure.

Pleated shades have resemblance to honeycomb shades. However, if you like more insulation to the room, then go for honeycomb shades because they have compartments that effectively trap hot air; thereby tremendously reducing room temperature quicker than the rest.

In any case, you have good flexibility on your options for the right blinds and shades that are perfect on your end. Remembering the above tips can greatly help you on your choices. Hence, keep these things in mind when shopping for window shades and window blinds.

My name is Fem Mascenon and I thoroughly research and write about how to make roman blinds. Please visit my site at to find the type of blinds that will best fit your rooms and budget.

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