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Australian Link Directory  - Home and garden

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Australian home and garden businesses and websites. Covering topics such as food, furniture, gardening, renovation and pets.

Australian home and garden businesses and websites. Covering topics such as food, furniture, gardening, renovation and pets. Also see Family, children and shopping.


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Apollo Blinds

Specializes in wide range of custom made and stylish shutters, blinds and awnings for commercial and domestic.

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Half Price Shutters

Half Price Shutters has established itself as a leader in the window shutters industry, specialising in Roller, Plantation and Solar PV Systems. Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Illawarra & Canberra ACT.

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Maybe It's Time To Consider Wind Power

There are times when an unexpected problem cuts the power supply, and it lasts for days.

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Contact An Arborist On The Central Coast To Make Those Trees Safe

It is lovely to live near trees for their shade and beauty, but often they become dangerous due to falling limbs or age. Their branches can interfere with power lines and cause fire and their roots can ruin your plumbing.

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Energy Saving Tips for Households

This article introduces some simple energy saving methods that do not require extensive effort, but still contribute to savings in electricity bills.

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Get A Water Purifier And Make Sure That You Are Drinking Only Water

Most of the water we drink is filled with impurities. These impurities are not good for us and the smart thing to do is to remove them prior to consuming the water, get a water purifier and drink only water.

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Carports: The Best Option to Protect Vehicles

Creative Outdoors has brochures with comprehensive details on many of our product ranges plus creative visualiser that can help you visualise your soon to be carport.

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With Caesarstone Benchtops You Get Beauty And Strength Together

Both granite and marble have been used for many thousands of years in the most exquisite ways and you can continue this tradition in your own home with incredible and sumptuous caesarstone benchtops. Get online now and find a good manufacturer

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Methods and Ideas for Spray Painting Your Own Home

Approaches and Suggestions for Spray Painting Your Home When spray painting, the proper paint respirator is really a need to.

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Choose the Right Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water Systems Adelaide, how to choose the right one to save money on utility electricity bills and energy consumption, carbon footprint. SA Hot Water Adelaide

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Backyard Landscape Designs For Elegant Outdoor Living

Backyard landscape design takes the ordinary outdoor space behind your home and transforms it into a fabulous, natural living area that enhances your property while offering even more usable space for recreation, entertaining, and more. Contemporary landscape plans for backyard space usually combine the best features of your home's interior with the relaxing atmosphere of nature for a beautiful and functional outdoor area that accents the architectural style of your house. There are several different factors involved in creating the perfect backyard design for you and your family. By Allen Quay

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Designing Outdoor Living Spaces: Advice From An Interior Designer

As a world renowned interior designer and resident of Sarasota, Florida, I receive frequent requests for designs that incorporate outdoor living spaces. With the right interior design choices, there are many ways to enjoy comfort and luxury living while enjoying nature's gifts. By Pamela Hughes

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Functional Cafe Blinds for Restaurants

Many years ago, French bistros were popular. Aside from food and services, customers are attracted to the outdoor café blinds. Nowadays, modern restaurants have installed café blinds because they are more appealing to look at. They provide a fashion statement and they actually look fantastic.

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Make a Statement - Cafe Blinds

Cafe blinds are an almost classic feature of the modern cafe, a built in character piece. This dates back to the original French bistros, when attracting customers was achieved mainly by being visible. "Cafe style" as it's now known is a descendant of these design motifs. The outdoor blinds in particular are very much a part of the cafe's image.

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Weighing the Cost of Cheap Blinds

Cheap blinds have their advantages and their disadvantages. For starters, they're cheap, which is attractive to anyone who is on a budget. You can get cheap blinds for less than $7. Of course the price of the blinds will depend on their, the material they're made of and their manufacturer.

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Cheap Blinds: Cost and Quality Factors

Cheap blinds are a great idea for budget homes, especially if you have some home improvement plans. These are a good option even for your new home since you can get these blinds at an affordable price. Most often than not, people tend to associate the word 'cheap' with poor quality. But the idea of affordable blinds is great as long as it does not mean cheap quality.

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Top Tips on Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades play significant roles for homes and offices. They mainly provide protection from the glaring daylight; consequently, they can help insulate the room from the high outside temperature. Aside from that, they also provide utmost privacy for the room occupants. Beautification is another awesome benefit that shades and blinds can offer. Therefore, when choosing for the ideal window shades and window blinds for your office or home, you must also consider the design aspect of the product aside from price and quality.

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A Beginners' Guide to Awnings

Do you like eating your grilled cheese sandwich and drinking your hot brewed coffee at the patio for breakfast? How about reading your favorite books at your deck on a cozy afternoon? Is a barbecue party with family and friends at that extra space in your backyard appeals to you so much you'd want to do it every weekend?

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Awnings: Fabric or Metal

If you are in the market for awnings, you know there are many options available. There are so many different options: you have to pick colour, size, electrical or mechanical and even what type of material you want to use for the awnings. Honestly, it can be very confusing when you have so many choices.

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Important Benefits of Window Tinting For Home

Home window tint is an economical and efficient way that can make your home more efficient and help to keep those bills down. There are various benefits of home window tint and just about every home can profit from the installation of residential win

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Street Furniture in Australia - Examining Your Lawn and Garden Options

Acquiring street furniture in Australia happens to be slowly transforming into a craze amongst householders throughout this nation.

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skylight brisbane

Skylights for Every Roof and Budget. Going green with Totally Cool Living. Skylights, Ventilation, Whirlybirds, Roof Maintenance, Fencing. Skylights for Every Roof and Budget Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed and Perth

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